Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Switching to mac

Two weeks ago my Acer company notebook died.
After couple of hours of utter desperation I took the big decision to switch to mac.

When I was a teen-ager I was a great fan of Apple.
I discovered Apple at the home of a schoolfellow of mine. Most of my friends tried to be invited to pretty schoolmates' home inventing implausible excuses.
In my case it was the other way round: I was much more interested in computers than I was in my schoolmate.

It was a beautiful Apple IIe.

Alas, I must admit that I was not very faithful at the time. Now and then I betrayed the Apple IIe with the PC of another friend of mine. The rival was an Olivetti M24, an unglamorous IBM clone. But at the time I was young and after some time I forgot the Apple, mostly for convenience. The Olivetti was just two blocks away while the Apple was at least on one hour by bus.

My future was decided in that period, I feel ashamed to confess.

After that, my life was similar to the one of many geeks of the time. It was the era of wintel. Andy Grove and Bill Gates mostly decided what the world had to look like. I was never to touch the warm and smooth surface of an Apple for many years.

But my true nature was starting to emerge again. I found myself dreaming of a world without reboots and without ugly cables under your desk.

I was ready to switch.

Thank you Steve jobs and thank you Apple for making me happy again when I look to a computer.

(to be continued)

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