Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What is leadership

Graziano Mesina, one of the most notorious Italian gangsters of the twentieth century, on leadership.

"I never considered myself as a leader but even if you do not think yourself as a leader, people always serve the leader. It is not you that make yourself a leader. Your peers make it clear to you that they trust you, because you have a better vision, you are more intelligent or you are braver. They just follow your directives.

This is how you become a leader.

A leader needs to coach the team mates how to resist to danger and the meaning of respect. A leader needs to establish shared rules. The rules must be liked by the team mates. They must not think that the rules are just for team mates and not for the leader. They must not feel themselves used by the leader."

Graziano Mesina, interviewed by Roberto Olla.